Saving Yourself From Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

No one wants to discover that there AC system requires replacement,  as you are looking at a major expense. However, a lot of people have been told year after year that their AC system is in need of replacing from air some conditioning tech that just may be enticed by a nice sales commission. Instead of relying on the A/C companies,  how might you know that your air conditioning system is ready to break down. In a state like New Mexico, where the summers can get very hot, it is pretty common for an A/C unit to break down on one of the warmest days,  when it is working hard to keep the home constantly cold. You then get a very substantial unexpected repair bill. Wouldn’t it be easier to learn just what things to watch out for?

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most valuable assets you have in your home and is often one of the most neglected. One of the reasons that so much money goes toward ac repair or installation is neglect. By not getting regular service to replace worn parts and lubricate the system, the unit does not always run at optimum efficiency. As a consequence, the system ends up over working itself, especially on the really hot summer days. What often follows that eventually is a major repair or new air conditioner installation. Either way, a substantial outlay of money is necessary.

The job of the air conditioning coil is to minimize humidity and as an AC unit gets older, the coil does not operate at optimum efficiency which will cause your home to feel clammy,  rather than nice and cool. What is happening is the less efficiency will render the air more humid. Also, an old evaporator coil is susceptible to freezing over or collecting mold.

The placement of your air conditioning unit. The placement of your air conditioning unit will make a difference. Placing it a shaded area can’t hurt. When cooler air from the outside is pulled through the unit, it does not have to work as hard to produce cool air.